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Workers' Compensation

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Our Workers’ Compensation market has target premiums as low as $50,000 but typically start out at around $100,000. We are not the company to call if you’re shopping an account for price or trying to place a smaller account, but think of us on those accounts that have a ‘need.’

We can look at mod’s of any size but are more competitive on mods of 1.2 and above. Multi-state accounts are no problem, and we are very successful on accounts with a short fuse. Basically, if it’s a large account that’s hard to place, turn to us for a quote.

Why quote Workers’ Compensation with us?

  • Appetites for mods of all sizes and tougher classes of business
  • Ability to write nationwide
  • Quick turnaround on rush opportunities
  • A++ Superior rating from A. M. Best
  • Risk underwriting instead of class underwriting
  • First dollar coverage
  • Multiple payment options, including Monthly Payroll Reporting
  • Tailored loss prevention and claims services available