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Agency Bill

Prior to Binding

  • If you have not done business with our office before, we will need to get a signed Producer Agreement, copies of agency licenses and a certificate of insurance from your E & O policy.
  • If you have already signed this agreement and have a current certificate on file, you do not need to do anything prior to binding.

How to Bind

  • Send over a written request to bind along with a copy of the premium indication.
  • Coverage is bound effective the date and time we receive your request, unless a future date is specified (we do not allow backdating of coverage).
  • You will also need to send over a signed and completed Application.

Due Date

  • Your office will be billed in full for all accounts with activity during the month with payment being due the 15th day of the following month. Payment will be required regardless of whether you have been paid by your customer.

***If the policy is premium financed, we'll need
a copy of the signed agreement as well.***