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Agency Bill

For binding instructions, click here
  • Proof of payment is not required at binding
  • Agency is billed on a monthly basis for all policy transactions during that time frame
  • Must have a signed Producer Agreement, a certificate of insurance from your E & O policy and agency licenses on file
  • Payment will be required regardless of whether you have been paid by your customer

Direct Bill

For binding instructions, click here
  • Only available on annual, admitted scheduled Auto, Cargo or Garage policies.
  • No interest charges - only a small installment fee of $3 or $8 for each payment
  • Ability to make payments online with Manage Your Policy
  • Automatic Payment Withdrawal available - waives all installment charges
  • Ability to sign up for Automatic Payment Withdrawal online
  • Lapse in coverage requires the policy to be re-written
  • Commission is paid as the insured makes each payment, not in one lump sum
  • Pay plan options
    • Full Pay
    • Two Pay
    • Four Pay
    • Six Pay
    • Eleven Pay